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12:52 am   -   February 3rd, 2009

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$113 30-day EPC, $153 7-day EPC

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Here are the new ones, good from 02/01/09 THRU 03/01/09:

$10 off Every 2.5″ Comfortex Woodwind Blinds at Coupon code 25150

10% off Kirsch products at COUPON CODE: 2010

$15 off all Comfortex Cellular Products Blinds.  Coupon code: 4894


$20 Off on every Shangri-La Blind at  COUPON CODE: 2489

10% off all Comfortex Ballet Blinds at COUPON CODE: 112233

20% off all Comfortex Vertiglide Ovation Blinds NOW at COUPON CODE: 14802

Save 15% on ALL Bali Blinds NOW at COUPON CODE: 2607

$10 Off on Serenade Fabric Roman Shades NOW at COUPON CODE: 3325

$10 off all Comfortex Woodwinds Blinds NOW at COUPON CODE: 147852

10% off all Levolor Blinds at  COUPON CODE: 2011

Save 15% off all Comfortex Odysee Blinds NOW at COUPON CODE: OD10

Save 10% off Our New Vertical Blinds at USE COUPON CODE: 1010

Save 10% on our brand Woven Woods at COUPON CODE:  4444

8% off Every Hunter Douglas All Country Wood Classic wood blind..Coupon code 2266

Save 8% on ALL Hunter Douglas 2.5″ Chalet wood blinds at COUPON CODE: 255

5% off all Our Brand Roller Shades at Coupon Code: 47586

20% off all M&B Woven Woods.  Coupon code: 15866

5% off Every Hunter Douglas Reflections wood blind. Coupon code 1478

15% Off Our Brand Designer Woods at  COUPON CODE:  1515

10% off all M&B real woods 1 3/8″ Wood Blinds.  Coupon code: 5986

10% off all M&B Wood Blinds at  COUPON CODE: 589

$15 off of all Comfortex Harmony Cellular Products at Coupon code: 6541

15% off all Our Brand Fabric Roman Blinds.  Coupon code: 181818

15% off all Graber Traditional 2 inch Wood Blinds at Coupon code: 1444

15% off all Graber 2.5″ Shutter Blinds at COUPON CODE: 120107

Save 15% on ALL Graber Crystalpleat Blinds NOW at COUPON CODE: 2515

5% off every Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Roller Shade at  COUPON CODE: 13009

5% off all Hunter Douglas Duette Cellular Blinds at  COUPON CODE: 56744

10% off all M&B 2 3/8″ Wood Blinds at  COUPON CODE: 1648

20% off all Kirsch Cellular Blinds at Coupon code: 7410

Save 10% of ALL Levelor Roman blinds at COUPON CODE: 2658

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