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12:11 am   -   April 5th, 2011, a provider of affordable streaming Internet radios, app’s, and equipment is offering an amazing sale!

Love Pandora Internet Radio? Enjoy your favorite music away from your computer with the Livio Radio featuring Pandora, 45% off for a limited time-Now until April 30th.

Livio Radio featuring Pandora 45% OFF!

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The Livio Radio puts you in command by allowing you to customize the music and programming you receive across any genre, from anywhere in the world, without a required monthly fee and independently of a computer.

  • Works Independently from a Computer and includes an Alarm Clock
  • Over 20,000 Internet Radio Streams
  • No Subscription. No Fees
  • Flexible. Moves around your home and connects to your Home Stereo

Love NPR? Enjoy your favorite NPR station plus NPR on demand with the NPR Radio by Livio, 45% off for a limited time-Now until April 30th

NPR Radio By Livio 45% OFF!

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The NPR Radio by Livio lets you tune to thousands of radio stations from around the globe and enables you to easily find NPR stations and programming, anywhere in your home, away from your computer

  • Works independently from a computer
  • Automatically updates with new stations and features
    Exclusive NPR menu makes it easy to find more NPR Member stations
  • “Favorites” makes it simple to bookmark the best!
  • Plays through its own speaker or through your home stereo system
  • Auxiliary input allows you to listen to other devices too
  • Includes over 16,000 Internet radio stations through Reciva®

Play your favorite MP3 or smartphone through your car stereo; also includes bonus software to record FREE internet radio. The ultimate FM transmitter, limited time offer 60% off-Now until April 30th

Carmen by Livio 60% OFF!

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The Carmen by Livio is the ultimate FM transmitter with AUX capabilities for anyone who want to bring music (including iPod, SmartPhone, iPhone, Droid, Blackberry and MP#s) to the car or boat. Comes with Everything You Need. No Installation Necessary.

  • Listen to music on your mobile phone or MPE player
  • Drag and drop MP3s directly from iTunes into the Carmen
  • Record over 42,000 stations and shows from around the world including music, news, sports and talk
  • Plugs into the vehicles 12-volt adapter and features an LCD screen, large buttons and a pivoted design

LivioRadio Philosophy is Simple: We Love Radio. Really, it’s the driving force behind our work. Like our products themselves, we’re a hip and laid-back bunch. No frills. No crazy features. No cumbersome junk. We do our jobs so our customers don’t have to and we find ways to bring online audio to more people, in more places.

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