Affiliate newsletter for September

10:24 pm   -   September 7th, 2006

Every year, I take a solo camping trip. You know, the kind where you leave the computer (gasp!) at home and you take a cell phone just for emergencies? Well, this year, one of my friends joined me for the first day of my trip. She’s one of those friends that packs her ceramic hair straightening iron, air bed, down pillow, and extensive toiletries collected in a bag that matches her pack. And yes, her pack matches her shoes, matches her jacket. That kind of girl. 🙂

So I figured, easiest way to ease someone into camping then, is to find a campsite that has bathrooms and shower facilities. Easy enough, there’s a state park a mere 40 minutes away from Chicago. We head up there. It goes well the first night, I grill up some pork chops, get some wine in her, built a campfire, told stories. Good times, right? The next morning though, as soon as she pulled off her eye mask, her first words, “I need coffee.” I grumble and try to dig deeper into my sleeping bag, but she continues to poke me until I pay attention to her.

Sadly, I was lacking in the coffee department, and there were no Starbucks in the vicinity (shock!)…so she had to settle for fast-food coffee. Which is sad. The reason I bring up this story, is because, seemingly to spite me, Sid has this featured on the front page of Thanks, Sid. Way to help a girl out. 🙂

Jetboil Stove PCS w/ Coffee Press Kit
The Jetboil Stove Coffee Press Kit is a convenient cooking solution on the trail. Jetboil Stove Coffee Press Kit includes all the elements required for outdoor cooking in a single unit including the coffee press. Burner and cooking cup are integrated into a single package. Assembly and priming are not required. Jetboil use Fluxring technology that makes for a faster boiling time. The Piezo electric igniter lights quickly and easily and the heat level can be dialed in to meet your exact needs. $88.95