AvantLink Merchant Black Hound New York Affiliate Program Has the Chocolate You Want for the Holiday Season

8:59 pm   -   November 2nd, 2006

AvantLink Merchant Black Hound New York Affiliate Program where you can get the very best in choloclates, cakes and gifts.

"Black Hound is justly famous for its truffles, cakes, tarts, and cookies." Food & Wine Magazine

With average sales running $80.00- $100.00 per sale, commissions of up to 15% and as one of the leaders in the chocolate and specialty gourmet gifts category BlackHoundNY.com will produce great results for you. Wwhether your referred visitors are seeking a deliciously different present for a loved one, a tasteful gift for an important business associate, or a divine indulgence for themselves, a selection from Black Hound New York will provide a rich feast guaranteed to satisfy the senses and elevate the spirit.

Black Hound New York has been dedicated to the art and craft of baking and chocolate making since 1988. Our creations reflect our passion for unique flavor combinations, extraordinary taste, and artful presentation.

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