AvantLink Free Tools: Dynamic Product Showcase

9:41 pm   -   July 5th, 2006

AvantLink Free Tools: Dynamic Product Showcase

Hello Folks,

The Dynamic Product Showcase (DPS) tool allows you to create targeted product advertisements. You can use different options to filter down to a specific group of products or even a single product. This tool is very useful for creating targeted ads that compliment the existing content of your Website pages.

The DPS comes in two different versions. The easiest of the two options to work with is the JavaScript plug-in. It’s as simple as configuring your showcase and clicking ‘Get HTML’. However, we HIGHLY suggest using the RSS version of the tool. Using a simple RSS client script (we provide a sample script), you can output dynamic content that’s SEO-friendly. This content helps drive traffic by increasing your search engine exposure. Conversely, the JavaScript only has the potential to ‘compel’ a user already surfing the site to buy something. There is a fundamental difference in these two traffic sources (the shopper shopping as compared to the web surfer browsing…but that’s for another thread).

To get started using the Dynamic Product Showcase follow these steps:
Login to your Affiliate account at www.AvantLink.com. Click ‘Tools’ from the main menu. Once in the tool center, under ‘Dynamic Product Showcase’ select the ‘Create a new Dynamic Product Showcase’ link.
Begin configuration of your product showcase by following the steps. There are ‘Help’ notes at every stage.
Once you select the merchant for the showcase you are configuring, you’ll then be asked to Filter By Category in addition to other options like # of products to show, low price limit, high price limit, show product images, etc.

From this point you’ll be able to ‘Save’ or ‘Preview’ your Dynamic Product Showcase. If you’ve chosen the RSS integration it will give you the URL to point your RSS client script at, and some CSS formatting code. If you are using the JavaScript version it will give the JavaScript and CSS code to paste into a page on your website.

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