AvantLink Free Tools: Custom Link Builder

9:42 pm   -   July 5th, 2006

AvantLink Free Tools: Custom Link Builder

Hello Everyone,

We offer one of the most utilized (but under-provided) Affiliate marketing tools through our Free Tool Center. Everyone knows that deep linking on the merchant site is key to higher conversions, so we’ve created a simple Custom Link Builder where you can build tracking links to ANY page on the merchant’s site in seconds.

The process is incredibly simple:

Login to your Affiliate account and click ‘Tools’
Under Banner/Text Links click ‘Create a custom link’
Choose the merchant and website you would like to create the custom link for and select ‘Next’.
Paste the URL of the merchant page you would like the link to land on.
Select ‘Get HTML’

There’s even an option that allows you to enter a unique tracking id or name to identify the link in reports.

So there you have it! In fact I didn’t need to spell this out. Once in the interface you would have no problem going through these steps.

And of course post questions/comments here for discussion.

Remember AvantLink is a network developed by and for Affiliates…and you’ll see this reflected in our offerings, support and responsiveness to your needs.

Gary Marcoccia
AvantLink Affiliate Marketing Network
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