AvantLink Affiliate Network Launches v3.0 of the Datafeed Manager

9:41 pm   -   June 28th, 2006

AvantLink Affiliate Network Launches v3.0 of the Datafeed Manager

The Datafeed Manager is an advanced, integrated Affiliate marketing tool suite offering dynamic solutions, as well as efficient and standard access to raw datafeeds.

Kamas, UT (PRWEB) May 15, 2006 — The AvantLink Affiliate Network has rolled out powerful new versions of its Datafeed Manager that served as the catalyst for the network’s creation. These advanced and multi-faceted Affiliate Marketing Tools offer efficient and custom raw datafeed access, as well as a dynamic option that outputs search engine friendly content.

One challenge Affiliates face is the management of datafeeds from a wide range of formats, column structures, merchants and networks. AvantLink now provides Affiliates standardized access to all datafeeds. Options for retrieving raw data include the ability to select format, categories, brands and columns. All raw feeds are available through a custom URL.

The Dynamic Datafeed Manager uses a SOAP Web Service client, offering Affiliates the ability to easily integrate datafeeds in to their established web sites. This tool uses a cache system with an end result of spiderable, html content and no ongoing maintenance. New advanced features of the client include outgoing link options like internal redirects, featured product displays, the means to collect and publish product reviews and much more.

“Used responsibly, datafeeds are likely the most powerful Affiliate marketing tool available,” says AvantLink CEO Scott Kalbach. “We’ve provided the ability for Affiliates to get exactly what they want out of a datafeed, efficiently. Our Affiliates can now customize feeds based on their own needs.”

Qualified Affiliates accepted to the AvantLink network have access to the v3.0 Datafeed Manager and support free of charge. For more information please visit www.avantlink.com.