Affiliate Marketing SEO, PPC and Datafeed Tools

10:30 pm   -   July 18th, 2006

Affiliate Marketing SEO, PPC and Datafeed Tools
Monday, July 17, 2006 – Nicky Senyard

Every visitor to an affiliate marketing site has arrived there at a cost to the affiliate from site development and maintenance, to content research and distribution, and on to PPC and email marketing campaigns.

Successful affiliates watch their affiliate profits like a hawk, measuring these costs against their ROI and shifting focus where necessary. There are hundreds of SEO, PPC and datafeed tools available to affiliates. At Share Results, when affiliates in our network ask for our favorites, they’re likely to get different answers from each of our web-savvy affiliate managers! We do agree on the value of several key resources, however, outlined below:

SEOChat []

Find all manner of scripts and software tools to help you SEO your affiliate pages, plus busy forums ready to answer your questions.

Digital Point []

Browse a good selection of webmaster tools free for anyone to use, including affiliates!

Google Publisher Tools []

Many affiliates are taking advantage of Google’s entire suite of publisher tools, including Google AdSense, Google Sitemaps, Google Analytics and Google Maps.

SEOBook []

Find several free SEO toolsets from Aaron Wall, including comprehensive keyword research help for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Marketing Sherpa []

No free SEO tools available here. Instead, browse a treasure trove of research for affiliate marketers, including case studies, statistics, and how to guides for marketing, advertising, and public relations professionals.

We Build Pages []

Rely on free affiliate marketing help such as the “Neat O Backlink Tool” and “Cool SEO Tool”.

GoldenCAN []

Popular with affiliates looking for data feed and coupon help.

We hope this helps streamline your SEO, PPC and datafeed practices to improve your affiliate ROI today!

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