5% Off Any Product at ActiveForever.com!

4:13 am   -   November 18th, 2011

Give the gift of independent living this holiday
season with this great offer from
ActiveForever.com of 5%
any product until December 31, 2011. Use code:
AFFOPM. If you have someone in your life that needs assistance
to maintain their independence, then now is the perfect time to take advantage of this offer.

ActiveForever.com offers medical
equipment and supplies for independent living through mobility, low vision aids,
power scooters, wheelchairs, rollators, fitness and physical therapy products,
orthopedics, exercise equipment, diabetes supplies, and other medical

Program Details:

  • 6% Regular Affiliate
  • 4% Coupon
  • $100 Average Order Size
  • 1.5% Conversion Rate
  • DataFeed Available
  • Keyword Policies:
    No bidding on tradenames: ActiveForever, Active Forever or ActiveForever.com. No use of the display URL “http://www.activeforever.com
    in PPC advertising. Publishers that use paid search (PPC) to drive
    traffic, must NEGATIVE MATCH the following keywords: Active Forever,
    ActiveForever.com, ActiveForever coupons, ActiveForever promo code,
    Active forever, ActiveForever.com, ActiveForever discount, Coupon
    activeforever, and all misspellings, variations, and derivatives
  • Some
    of the merchandising arrangement Active Forever has precludes actively
    advertising the destination location of these special products. It is
    not allowed to bid on any trademark term or show it. However, you are
    free to bid on the broad match term “Coupon” or Coupons” if you feel it
    to be appropriate, but when you add in the qualifier of our name, that
    is not allowed.

Coupon Payout and Policies for COUPON Related SITES:

  • Coupon Related Affiliates NEW payout: 4% commission
  • Affiliates
    can ONLY offer “officially approved” coupons as provided in the network
    admin. Failure to comply with this restriction may lead to commission
    being removed.
    • Coupon codes may not be proliferated, used or shown unless they are expressly developed for that purpose.
    • Dissemination
      of codes or the use of an unauthorized code in combination with a
      referral will result in the removal of the sale. Affiliates may not bid
      on tradenames (or misspellings).
  • Offers that are already posted on
    coupon sites (most without an expiration date) will not be honored as
    “officially approved” generated, as they have been posted by consumers.
    Failure to remove these already posted coupons and comply with this
    restriction may lead to commissions being removed.

ActiveForever.com affiliate program is
available at
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