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4:54 pm   -   July 9th, 2008

RCToys4Less.com (Formerly 1Wholesaler.com)

RCToys4Less.com is the best place to shop for remote control toys and hobby items for the kids or adults with kid hearts!

At RCToys4Less.com you will find the latest remote control, or RC, toys and RC hobby items on the market today. RCToys4Less.com is not only bringing you wonderful RC toys, we also sell them at everyday low cost directly to the public.

RCToys4Less.com offers low-priced remote control (RC) toys and other hobby items directly to the public. We run a tight ship. We choose our promotions carefully and ensure every advertising dollar pays for itself. We streamline our systems and billing processes. We are a no-frills outfit (no $2000 office chairs). There are no tricks in what we do, just good, old-fashioned, reliable American business principles. Every item you see on RCToys4Less.com is imported directly to our warehouse in Los Angeles, California. Since we ship hundreds of items per day, we can offer very low prices on shipping as well, unlike other websites that offer free shipping but hide the shipping charges in the price of the product. We charge exactly what it costs us.

Affiliate Program Details

* Payout: 10% base commission
* Tiered commission as follows: 41-60 sales earns 11%, over 61 orders earns 12%
* Average Order Size: $150
* Site-wide Conversion Rates: 3%
* You may not bid on the tradenames, but you can use the tradenames in your advertising and display URL (see the Keyword Link Detail provided in CJ)

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For more program information contact:

Durk Price
Affiliate Program Manager for RCToys4Less.com
[email protected]