Introducing New iPhone 3G Battery Replacement Services

9:42 pm   -   July 9th, 2008

The service provider in iPod battery replacements, Milliamp LTD at their internet site, has just introduced a battery replacement service for the new iPhone 3G.

“Even though the latest iPhone won’t be available to U.S. customers for a few more days, we thought customers should hear that we have the capability to change the battery in the brand-new iPhone 3G.”, said Anthony Magnabosco, the owner of the iPhone battery replacement company.

Milliamp LTD has been offering battery replacement kits for almost all of the iPod models, and also battery replacement services for the more complicated-to-open iPods for 3 years now, and is widely thought of as the leader in the industry.

Each iPod and iPhone has a lithium-ion battery, so over time, the battery will cease to maintain its full charge and will at some point require replacement.

This business has been offering new iPhone batteries ever since the 1st gen iPhone was released in June 2007, so supporting a battery replacement service for the new second gen iPhone is a natural advancement for the San Antonio-based business.

The battery replacement service that iPhone repair Milliamp LTD provides the customer that needs a replacement iPod battery or iPhone battery is generally much quicker and less expensive than Apple Computer’s offering, since iPod and iPhone battery replacements are usually performed on the same day the device arrives and then shipped back out the following business day.

“Our batteries are guaranteed for 10 years, whether the customer performs the replacement themselves or our technicians install the battery for you.”, continued Magnabosco.

Now that is excellent news and a good thing to keep in mind when the time comes for a replacement iPod battery or iPhone battery.